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About Us

Ask Design Jewelers has been your personal jeweler for over 35 years.We are family owned, professionally operated, and committed to serving you.

We honor your trust in us.

Our Mission Statement:

We are here to enhance every personal occasion in our customer's lives. As their personal jeweler we are dedicated to creating an extraordinary and timeless jewelry experience for every individual.

Career Opportunities

Know About Us

Martin Maynard

Martin was born in Olean NY, and has been a "rock hound" since day one. His interest in minerals started at a very young age. When vacationing as a child Martin would insist that his parents take an empty suitcase for him to take along. Wherever they were going he would constantly be collecting different rocks and mineral specimens. Over the years this love of mineralogy led him to degrees in Petroleum Technology, Geology, and Gemology.

Martin enlisted in the US Air Force in the early 70's, where he was trained and served as a flight engineer until 1977. In 1975, while still in the Air Force, Martin accepted a part time position at a jewelry store in Wichita Falls, Texas. This allowed him to return to the study of his first love, gems and gemology. In 1977 Martin went to a full time position managing a two store operation.

In 1982, Martin returned to the Olean area where he founded ASK Design Jewelers. Since then it's been Martin's single mission to become the premier jewelry store in Western New York. Martin feels this is best accomplished by providing every conceivable product and service in the fine jewelry industry.

What Martin loves most about the jewelry industry today, is the opportunity to offer extraordinary customer service, and an exceptional product with traditional values. His absolute favorite thing about the business is the connection he makes with every customer.

"This business is not about the marriage between minerals and metal, it's about the people that they mean something to." Martin G. Maynard

Kyle Maynard

Kyle was practically born and raised in the jewelry store. Yes he is Martin's son. Kyle was born in Olean, NY and graduated from Arch Bishop Walsh High School. He officially joined the ASK Design Jewelers team in 2002. After attending courses, in 2004 Kyle received his certification as a certified quartz watch technician. He continues to work as an apprentice in the shop learning jewelry repair and fabrication skills.

Kyle was the manager of our Ellicottville store for three years. In addition to working full time Kyle continues to further his education. He is currently enrolled in Business Management courses at the local Jamestown Community College, and Gemology courses at the Gemological Institute of America. As a member of the management team Kyle's focus has been on diamonds and fine Swiss watches. As a watch technician he is very passionate about everything related to fine watches.

"I have a true passion for the jewelry industry. The part that means the most to me is the opportunity to be involved in all the happy and memorable occasions my customers celebrate. Making sure they leave with a long lasting smile on their face is what I love most." Kyle Maynard

Gina Carlson

Gina Carlson is a true southern belle. She was born and raised in New Bern, North Carolina. Her soft voice and smooth southern accent has become a fixture at ASK Design Jewelers. Gina, her husband, and their family reside in nearby Pennsylvania.

Gina's career at ASK Design Jewelers started in 1993. Gina has been instrumental in managing the stores and changes in the history of ASK Design Jewelers. With her extensive experience in the jewelry industry she is the perfect person to serve as the General Manager of the Olean store. Gina's studies from the Gemological Institute of America have earned her the designation as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. Her continued studies have focused on diamonds, diamond grading, and business ethics. Gina travels to attend many management and leadership training seminars. In addition, she travels to jewelry shows, product knowledge training classes, and participates in customer service development discussions with other jewelers around the country.

Gina's ever present smile brings warmth to our friendly atmosphere. She will go above and beyond to assist a young couple in their search for a perfect diamond at ASK Design Jewelers. She extends her focus on individual attention and care to each and every customer as well as every member of the ASK Design Jewelers team.

"Most precious to me is the time I get to spend understanding and assisting each of the wonderful customers that we have at ASK Design Jewelers. A day does not go by that I am not touched by someone's willingness to share with me the emotional events in their lives." Gina Carlson

Dana Holloway

Dana Holloway was born in Baton Rouge, LA, and raised in TX. After relocating to the Olean area Dana enrolled in the University of Buffalo where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree.

In 2006 Dana joined the ASK Design Jewelers team in Olean where she found her "special place" in the jewelry industry. Her positive attitude and dedication served her well; she quickly became a vital asset to the team. Dana's stringent attention to detail made her the perfect candidate for our Inventory and Data Specialist. In 2009, she was promoted to Operations Manager.

Dana not only serves our customers with exceptional service, but she also makes sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly for both of our stores. In addition she serves as our Corporate Awards Department Facilitator.

Dana enjoys traveling to exquisite jewelry shows. She follows worldwide fashion and jewelry trends closely and is an important member of the buying team. Dana seizes every opportunity she gets to attend all management and product training seminars so she can further her education in the jewelry industry.

"As is true in any industry there is a world of details and information behind the scenes that makes it run smoothly. I love that my extra attention to these details and procedures benefits every ASK Design Jewelers customer's experience." Dana Holloway