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ASK Design Jewelers is YOUR trusted choice for jewelry repair.

With proper care and maintenance, your fine jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of enjoyment. At ASK Design Jewelers we offer a full range of professional jewelry repair services that make it easy for you to recapture the joy & pleasure your jewelry once had. We know how precious your jewelry is to you. From ring sizing to the most intricate restoration of your family heirlooms, no matter what you may need repaired, our expert craftsmanship is here to take care of you!!

Don't let your jewels be handled by a trainee!!! Bring them to our experts who have over fifty years of combined experience at the bench. At ASK Design Jewelers you will be completely satisfied every time you need a repair. 100% GUARANTEED!!!

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Since 1982, ASK Design Jewelers has become renowned for expert quality jewelry repairs. All of our jewelry repair services are done on our premises. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with unmatched quality control & efficiency. It also allows us to have 97% of your repairs completed in less than one week. For your urgent needs we can often offer you our express same day services.

Whether your jewelry repair needs are in silver, gold, or platinum, from basic to complex, our in-house shop will accommodate you in every way.

Some of the services we include:
  1. Ring sizing & Re-sizing
  2. Diamond and Gemstone Replacement
  3. Shank Replacement
  4. Stone Tightening
  5. Prong Inspection & Repairs
  6. Chain Soldering & Repairs
  7. Rebuilding or Redesigning your Wedding Set
  8. Metal Refinishing & Rhodium Plating
  9. Cleaning, Inspection, & Refurbishing
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Have you lost interest in an old piece of jewelry???

Let ASK Design Jewelers transform it into a beautiful piece that you truly love!!!


If your engagement ring needs you to breathe new life into it...


Consider a custom makeover with the diamond that symbolizes your love!!


An unwanted heirloom, never worn at all!!


Transformed into a spectacular men's ring, now enjoyed every day!!